Letter / Form Completion by a GP

Request for letters or forms to be completed by GP's


If you require a letter from your GP, (for example for your employer, or Gym) in relation to your health, there will normally be a standard fee  as this does not form part of regular NHS work.

Please ask at reception for an up to date price list 

As you are aware demand for appointments is very high and our priority must be to see ill patients first.

 Requests for the completion of forms or letters is an administrative task and will be completed by the doctors after they have seen their patients and finished all their clinical work.

Please hand forms or requests for letters into reception.

 We will try to complete these within 2 weeks but sometimes this may not be possible.

Letters Regarding Housing 

Patients often go to their GP to ask for a letter to support their housing application . We have been advised by Wiltshire Council that they do NOT require letters from GP's for this purpose. If as part of their investigations they require medical information from your GP they will communicate directly with us with the patients consent 

Letters for adventure activities 

We take in each request on a case by case basis & your GP will need to view the form & your medical records before agreeing to complete it. They will have to consider how the form is worded & if they able to answer all of the questions.

Each form presented to your GP must be accompanied by an attachment which will include guidance notes for the GP. (Please ensure these are brought in with the form as your GP will not be able to complete it without them).

As this is not part of regular NHS work there is a charge for each form completed.

Please ensure you have completed all your sections of the paperwork & signed the declaration prior to handing the form in to reception.

This information does not apply to life insurance reports or forms for DWP